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Oki Pro 9542dn A3 printer

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Oki Pro 9542, with black and white toner, for professional printing on thousands of media

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OKI Pro 9542 laser printer, A3 format, CMYKW colors, with White Toner.
It allows to print cotton and synthetic t-shirts and fabrics, as well as glass plates, aluminum, tiles, etc. The use of a suitable high pressure heat press and specific transfer paper is required.
Also suitable for printing hundreds of specific media for this printer: colored paper and cardboard, envelopes, gold paper, glossy paper, transparent paper, stickers and countless others.
TransferRip 5C software is also available, for maximum performance with our self-weeding transfers.
We offer assistance before the purchase to propose you the model and the most suitable options for your needs.
In the case of purchase of this printer, installation at your home is offered, with the setting of the most suitable printing parameters for your needs.
Furthermore, a direct telephone contact is always available with a technician, for advice or for any need.
Fast shipment in all Europe
Intrastat invoice (without VAT) availlable. Best price in Europe!