We offer the simplest, cheapest and most unique systems for vacuum sublimation. Through these oven models it is possible to carry out the so-called "3D" printing on objects, in particular on mobile phone covers.

This 3D printing allows the coloring with the chosen image of the entire cover, that is not only the back of the phone but also the side, guaranteeing a professional result. Support templates are required for 3D printing; each mobile phone obviously has its own specific cover and template, you can find them in the "Accessories" section. We also have all the neutral covers and products that can be printed with these ovens.

All ovens, except for the ST 2030 model, also allow the printing of cups and plates using special tensioners available in the "Accessories" section. Also in this case we have all the printable products: white cups, with colored interior, tea, coffee, plates and saucers.

Standard ovens are added to the vacuum ovens, for baking sheets and powder for DTF printing, for DTF sheets in A3 format, and for transferring sublimation prints onto objects, such as cups, glasses, etc.

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