Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT
  • Oki Pro 8432 WT

Oki Pro 8432 WT White toner A3 printer

VAT included

Oki Pro 8432WT, with white toner, for professional printing

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WARRANTY 2 years for private buyers and 1 year for companies. 3 year extension available


DELIVERY Within 48 hours throughout Europe. Insurance available


WITHDRAWAL By appointment in our 2Stamp shop in Milan

OKI Pro 8432 WT laser printer, A3 format, CMYW with White Toner.

Specific version suitable for printing on self weeding thermo transfer, for t-shirts and light and dark colored clothing. Also suitable for printing on hundreds of substrates up to 256 grams.
Complete with print driver and "Gamma Adjuster" software, it is used like a normal printer, connecting it to your computer; with this printer you can print any type of image on cotton shirts and light and dark fabrics. A printing system with excellent results and wash-resistant.
Brochure with complete technical specifications by clicking here.
Accessories list by clicking here.

The TransferRip software in the 4C version is available and highly recommended for maximum performance with our self-weeding transfers.


It allows to print cotton and synthetic t-shirts and fabrics, as well as glass plates, aluminum, tiles, etc. The use of a suitable high pressure heat press and specific transfer paper is required.
Equally suitable for printing on paper, card and other media up to 256 grams.
TransferRip 4C software is also available, for maximum performance with our self-weeding transfers.


- A4 white toner printer: the A4 size is half of the A3 size, therefore it allows prints up to 21x29.7 cm. However, it is cheaper

- standard toner printer: cheaper, however without white toner it is not possible to print some types of images on dark fabrics, it can be remedied using standard transfer paper


For detailed technical specifications, please refer to the .pdf which you can download by clicking here.

Accessories list by clicking here.


We provide the driver installation CD, suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. The driver is free and can also be installed on multiple computers.

TransferRip 4C software is available and recommended, in case this printer is used for transfer printing, for the maximum yield with our self-contouring transfers, for a considerable saving of toners and to improve the resistance to washing of the shirts.


You can proceed with the purchase using the "Add to cart" function and following the instructions that will be given to you.

Alternatively you can contact us via the contact page, or directly to the email info@2stamp.it


We offer assistance before the purchase to propose you the model and the most suitable options for your needs.
All our machines benefit from a guarantee, under European law, of two years in the event of purchase by individuals and of one year for companies. The extension of the free 3-year warranty is possible on certain models of the Oki brand, more information on the specific page of the Oki printer section.

In addition, an email contact is always available with a technician, for advice or for any need.
Fast shipment in all Europe
Intrastat invoice (without VAT) availlable. Best price in Europe!

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