DTF printer in 60 cm format for t-shirt printing | 2Stamp
  • DTF printer in 60 cm format for t-shirt printing | 2Stamp
  • DTF printer in 60 cm format for t-shirt printing | 2Stamp
  • DTF printer in 60 cm format for t-shirt printing | 2Stamp
  • DTG printer Epson SC F2100

60 cm DTF printer - For light and dark fabrics printing

VAT included

Printing plotter for printing 60cm DTF rolls, for t-shirt and clothing printing, with Epson i3200 print head

Product available for orders


WARRANTY 2 years for private buyers and 1 year for companies. 3 year extension available


DELIVERY Within 48 hours throughout Europe. Insurance available


WITHDRAWAL By appointment in our 2Stamp shop in Milan

DTF (direct to film) printing is the new system for printing on fabric intended to supplant transfer printing systems (via laser printer) and DTG (direct to fabric printing), especially for small companies. It uses a modified printer with specific inks, and special transfer sheets for the application of prints on fabric.
Equipped with five colors (CMY plus black and white), it allows the printing of any type of graphics, both on light and colored and dark t-shirts.

A sample of printed t-shirt is available, to evaluate the exceptional quality and resistance to washing of this print, there is also a sample of printed sheet that you can directly transfer onto a t-shirt using a heat press.

How is DTF printing done? Instructions in English for DTF printing by clicking here.


The advantages and differences of DTF printing compared to transfer printing and DTG printing are the following:

- lower purchase cost of machinery, about half compared to cheaper alternatives
- lower cost per single print (about € 3 per print in A3 format)
- lower cost of consumables (the inks are very cheap)
- printing process as fast as transfer sheets, slightly slower than direct printing
- very high resistance to washing of the fabric, comparable to that of direct printing, and much higher than that of transfer printing


- prepare the graphics using the provided software
- send the graphics to the printer, after checking the printing parameters according to the instructions supplied with the printer. Printing an A3 sheet takes approximately 5 minutes
- sprinkle the special transferable powder on the back of the printed sheet
- remove excess transferable powder from the sheet
- heat the sheet with an oven at 120 degrees for 8 minutes (it is also possible to use a normal kitchen oven, specifically for transfers), or with a microwave oven, with a normal heat press keeping the heating plate separate from the sheet, or with the appropriate machinery for the application of the powder and its heat treatment
- apply the sheet thus obtained on the shirt using a normal heat press, at 140 degrees for 12 seconds


5-color configuration: CMYK+White

Printhead: Epson i3200

2 print heads: 1 color head (CMYK) + 1 white head

Maximum printable width: 60 cm

Printing speed (m²/h): up to 3.5 m²/h

Print resolution: up to 720 x 2400 dpi

Interface: Ethernet

Software included: Flexi Photo Print - Print Experience (for PC)

Consumption: 100W / 2.2A

Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 180 x 95 cm

Weight: 250 kilograms

Power supply: 220V

Power: 1400W


The software/rip that comes with your printer is Flexi Photo Print or Print Experience (for PC). This is a rip for professional use, for which we provide the specific settings to be able to print with the printer, inks and sheets supplied by us. Connection to computer via Ethernet cable. Software in English.


Periodic maintenance is carried out automatically, without user intervention. Use the printer in an environment with less than 30°C and humidity above 40%. If the above conditions are not met, the ink may harden and clog the channels. Before printing it is recommended to clean the heads.

IMPORTANT: it is necessary not to leave the printer unused for a long period, but rather, if possible, make at least one 5-color print every day, and leave it on in stand-by mode so that the printer carries out automatic head cleaning when necessary .


Are available:

- specific transferable sheets in A3 format, in packs of 10 or 100 sheets
heat transfer powder
- specific inks
 in 5 colors (CMY + Black + White)

You can also personally evaluate the quality of this type of print by requesting a sample by clicking here.


We have studied the DTF printing process for a long time, selecting according to precise parameters the most suitable printer, the most resistant print head to use with specific inks, and the consumables that guarantee the best print quality. We are sure to offer a reliable product.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the printer. For the warranty to be valid, some important settings must be respected, including the need to turn the printer on and print every day in order to avoid clogging of the head.

If it becomes necessary to replace the print head during the warranty period, it can be supplied at half price.

We have at our disposal a specialized technician in this type of machine, who is responsible for testing this printing process and managing any problems that may arise. Email assistance is always free.

For more information, refer to the technical assistance page.


It allows you to print cotton or mixed fabrics or sintetic, of any color.

Allows the printing of:

- t-shirts
- cloth bags
- hoodies
- polo shirt
- pillow cases

All consumables related to this printer are available separately.


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