IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer
  • IColor 540 White toner Printer

IColor 540 - White toner A4 printer

VAT included

IColor 540, with white toner, for transfer and sublimation printing

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WARRANTY 2 years for private buyers and 1 year for companies. 3 year extension available


DELIVERY Within 48 hours throughout Europe. Insurance available


WITHDRAWAL By appointment in our 2Stamp shop in Milan

IColor 540 white toner laser printer, for transfer printing for T-shirts, even self-weeding, with the possibility of mounting black toners, fluorescent toners, and toners for sublimation printing, all in a single machine. Prints up to A4 size.

A fabric transfer printing sample is available to check the print quality.

In addition to the printing of transfers for printing on fabric, it can also print on paper, cardboard up to 220 grams even colored, business cards, brochures, flyers, labels, etc., as well as on objects (covers, mugs, plates, key rings, etc. ) and white polyester fabric using sublimation printing systems.

Equipped with ProRip Essential software, for maximum yield with our self-weeding transfers and savings in the use of toners.

Brochure available by clicking here.

Also available is the IColor 560 version: compatible with high-capacity toners, with 7000 prints instead of 3000, as well as with gold and silver toners, also equipped with wifi.


This printer can be used, possibly by mounting the appropriate optional toners, for the following types of prints:
- printing of transfer sheets for t-shirt printing, even self-weeding, in A4 format for laser printers, both for light and dark-colored fabrics, printing white over the colors (specific function for transfer printing, with the white toner placed after the colors, swapping it with the cyan toner)
- printing on paper, mounting the supplied black toner, and on cardboard up to 220 grams, as well as on colored materials also using the supplied white toner for printing images containing parts of white color, printing white below the colors as the background of the image (specific function for printing on colored paper, with the white toner placed before the colors, swapping it with the cyan toner)
- fluorescent printing: by mounting the special optional fluorescent toners it is possible to change the color rendering to obtain much brighter and more vivid colors, luminescent, for particular and original graphics
- sublimation printing: by replacing the toners supplied with the optional sublimation printing toners, it is possible to print on plain paper, for printing on objects and fabric by sublimation, using a normal heat press. It is not necessary to use specific paper for sublimation as the toner for sublimation, unlike liquid or gel inks for sublimation, is not absorbed by the paper, allowing significant savings on printing paper, savings quantifiable in about € 10 each 100 sheets of printed sublimation paper

All necessary toner exchanges are adequately signaled both by the software on the PC and by the memo stickers on the printer itself

A4 6.png


Advantages of the IColor printer over other white toner printers:

- allows you to print both underprint and overprint white (under or over the color) with a single printer and in a single pass, using the IColor ProRip Essential software

- the white color print is brighter, this allows to bring out the vividness of the colors

- black toner is included with the printer, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode (no white toner) to print items such as brochures and menus or on plain paper

- allows you to replace normal toners with toners for sublimation printing, fluorescent toners, security toner (watermark printing) and clear toner available as accessories. It therefore also completely replaces a sublimation printer, allowing you to switch from normal toners to special toners simply by removing one and putting the other, eliminating the need to purchase separate printers for individual printing functions

- sublimation printing is much faster than a normal inkjet or gel sublimation printer

- the purchase cost is much lower than a 5-color Oki printer, but it is also lower than the cost of a white toner laser printer plus a sublimation printer


For technical specifications in detail, refer to the .pdf which you can find by clicking here.

Print speed: up to 8 ppm on transfer sheets; up to 26 ppm on plain paper
Processor: Intel 1.46GHz
Duty cycle: up to 75,000 pages per month
Internal memory: 2 GB of RAM
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Compatible operating systems: Microsoft Windows® 7/8/10
Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100-TX, Hi-Speed ​​USB v2.0
Paper loading capacity: 100-sheet multipurpose tray, 500-sheet lower drawer
Paper sizes (min./max.):
- multi-purpose tray: up to 100 sheets from a minimum of 76 x 127 mm to a maximum of 216 x 1257 mm
- lower drawer: from a minimum of 147 x 210 mm to a maximum of 216 x 355 mm
Paper weight:
- multi-purpose tray: 60 to 220 gsm
- lower drawer: 60 to 163 gsm
Duplex printing capability: included, for printing on non-transfer media
Toner Yield (5% coverage):
Standard CMYK: 3,000 pages
Standard White: 3,000 pages
CMYK starter: 1,500 pages
Initial blank: N/A
Dimensions: 40cm x 48cm x 40.4cm
Weight: 29kg
Voltage: 220 volts
Maximum consumption: 1320 watts


Printer supplied with the specific IColor ProRip Essential software, which allows you to manage the white layer behind the colored graphics for printing on dark or transparent media where white is required as a background color.

It also allows you to easily change the configuration of the cartridges to easily adjust the reverse printing, that is, to use the white overprint mode, printing the white over the colored graphics.

Information for uninstalling ProRip

To move the ProRip software from one computer to another, first install the software on the new computer with the key inserted into the new PC, then uninstall the ProRip software from the old PC, without the software key inserted, otherwise the license will be deleted from the key.

If you have damaged or lost your ProRIP/SmartCUT USB stick/dongle, we offer a discount for its replacement.

Print cost calculation function, easy to use and useful for evaluating actual costs.

It also has additional features that help save 50% on white toner usage, allowing for custom color profiles, rasterization, custom layouts, and more. It allows you to avoid creating additional "filter" graphics with different color configurations, as the software already takes care of this.

It also allows the printing of large images with IColor SmartCut software, supplied as an accessory, which transforms the printer into a "plus" tabloid-capable machine, allowing the division and joining of a single graphic onto two transfer sheets.

The software is suitable for Microsoft Windows® 7, 8 and 10.

Below is the video that shows the operation of the system for the intelligent division of prints into multiple A4 transfer sheets, allowing the printing of graphics up to about 30 x 60 cm:


- USB stick containing the print Rip (IColor Pro Rip, software for printing)
- additional black toner (replacing the white toner)
- power cord
- USB cable
- ethernet cable
- rag for cleaning from toner dust
- installation manual
- user manual with suggestions for transfer printing
- quick instruction manual

Replacement toners are also available


You can proceed with the purchase using the "Add to cart" function and following the instructions that will be given to you.

Alternatively you can contact us via the contact page, or directly to the email info@2stamp.it


We offer assistance before the purchase to propose you the model and the most suitable options for your needs.
All our machines benefit from a guarantee, under European law, of two years in the event of purchase by individuals and of one year for companies.

In addition, an email contact is always available with a technician, for advice or for any need.
Fast shipment in all Europe. Intrastat invoice (without VAT) availlable. Best price in Europe!

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