2011: the most dynamic company in this field comes from experience with printing machinery and through collaboration with other companies in the sector with decades of experience. 2Stamp starts by offering heat presses for thermoadhesives and cutting plotters of various brands

2012: we begin to collaborate with various companies active in the field of personalization but also in the organization of events. Our machines are used by sports associations, small industries, exhibition stand managers.

2013: the offer expands towards new machinery for sublimation vacuum printing and for hot digital printing via laser printer transfer. We begin to distribute the Secabo and Graphtec brands

2014: we open our first store dedicated to personalized printing in Milan, where we use all the machinery we offer to our customers. The printing activity is now offered through a separate brand from 2Stamp

2015: we offer dozens of models of heat presses, to hot-stamp any material of any size: from the most compact and economical systems for the sports team that wants to print their own shirts and gadgets, to those for professional and industrial use in large runs

2017: 2Stamp is among the top 10 companies in the sector in Italy, and in particular we become a leader in the sector of economic heat presses

2018: we expand our offer to the field of direct printing on fabric (DTG)

2019: today 2Stamp proposes this:

- hot presses, a sector in which we are now a leader in Italy and which we sell throughout Europe

- cutting plotters, as distributors of the Secabo, Graphtec, Refine, Transmax brands

- transfer printers for printing on fabric through iron-on transfers, of any price range

- machinery for direct printing on fabric, a novelty in the sector

- printers and vacuum ovens for sublimation printing on objects, from 20x30 cm up to 60x100 cm

- combined machinery systems, ready to use

- all the consumables for printing: thermo-adhesive films, thermo-transferable sheets for laser printers, in A4 and A3 format, objects for sublimation printing (cups, covers, cushions, etc.) and printable sheets.

- all necessary spare parts for any machinery sold by us.