2011: the most dynamic company in this field comes from experience with printing machinery and through collaboration with other companies in the sector with decades of experience. 2Stamp starts by offering heat presses for thermoadhesives and cutting plotters of various brands

2012: we begin to collaborate with various companies active in the field of personalization but also in the organization of events. Our machines are used by sports associations, small industries, exhibition stand managers.

2013: the offer expands towards new machinery for sublimation vacuum printing and for hot digital printing via laser printer transfer. We begin to distribute the Secabo and Graphtec brands

2014: we open our first store dedicated to personalized printing in Milan, where we use all the machinery we offer to our customers. The printing activity is now offered through a separate brand from 2Stamp

2015: we offer dozens of models of heat presses, to hot-stamp any material of any size: from the most compact and economical systems for the sports team that wants to print their own shirts and gadgets, to those for professional and industrial use in large runs

2017: 2Stamp is among the top 10 companies in the sector in Italy, and in particular we become a leader in the sector of economic heat presses

2018: we expand our offer to the field of direct printing on fabric (DTG)

2019: today 2Stamp proposes this:

- hot presses, a sector in which we are now a leader in Italy and which we sell throughout Europe

- cutting plotters, as distributors of the Secabo, Graphtec, Refine, Transmax brands

- transfer printers for printing on fabric through iron-on transfers, of any price range

- machinery for direct printing on fabric, a novelty in the sector

- printers and vacuum ovens for sublimation printing on objects, from 20x30 cm up to 60x100 cm

- combined machinery systems, ready to use

- all the consumables for printing: thermo-adhesive films, thermo-transferable sheets for laser printers, in A4 and A3 format, objects for sublimation printing (cups, covers, cushions, etc.) and printable sheets.

- all necessary spare parts for any machinery sold by us.


We offer, for some of our products, the possibility of requesting long-term rentals, ie operating rentals.


It is aimed exclusively at companies, private hire is not possible; furthermore, we do not require other financing or installments from our financial companies, Grenke.


We offer the possibility of long-term rental exclusively on all our machines, starting from a minimum amount of € 500 excluding VAT. Any consumables or accessories are excluded from the rental option.


The opening times are very short, generally two working days are sufficient. The majority of our customers choose to rent at 48 months (4 years), but it is possible to rent from 24 months up to 60 months.

More information on the Grenke website page.

Administrative costs: 75.00 Euro for preliminary investigation, one-off only the first time Grenke services are used
Insurance costs: 95.00 Euro / year (all risk insurance including: theft, accidents, accidental damage). If the company already has its own insurance, this insurance is not mandatory)
Billing and payment: quarterly RID (monthly fee 3 installments)
Prorata: contracts start at the beginning of each quarter. Within 15 days of the contract starting date, the customer receives an invoice for the use of the asset from the day of delivery until the end of the quarter
Possibility of redemption at the end of the rental: 4% of the invoice value, or less depending on the evaluation of the financial statement
Required documentation: identity card, health card, reference bank and current account data for the debit, updated Chamber of Commerce registration.

Exclusively for five-color Oki Pro printers

A monthly payment is foreseen, with the possibility of redemption at the end of the contract or change with a new model. There is also a cost per click, or per press. With regards to this model we refer to the description page and to the page concerning the installation.


You can request a quote by contacting us at amministrazione@2stamp.it
Alternatively, you can use the contact page.



The installation of the products is the customer's responsibility.

All our machines are supplied with very complete instructions in Italian, there are also demonstration videos on installation and printing processes, tips on how to use the products and tricks to solve common problems.

For Secabo and Graphtec brand products we offer direct assistance from one of our specialized technicians.

For the five-color Oki Pro printer, home installation is included in the price.

If you are interested in home installation, please contact us on info@2stamp.it or via the contact page.


Our courses of use are offered for a fee following the purchase or at the time of purchase. Generally, we advise our customers to carry out some tests on the use of the machinery purchased, and then request to carry out a course of use or to take advantage of our free technical assistance.


Our courses are aimed exclusively at our customers, or those who have purchased a specific machine from us and want to learn how to use it. We do not carry out, even for a fee, courses for those who have purchased machinery from other companies, this to favor assistance and improve their quality towards our customers.


The courses are held by appointment at one of our offices, or at home, if specifically indicated:

- use courses for Secabo and Graphtec products: Milan Lambrate headquarters, or, if possible, at home, with an additional cost related to the technician's transfer

- use courses for Oki Pro printers: Milan or Turin headquarters, or, if possible, at home throughout Europe with direct assistance from Oki technicians

- all other courses of use: Milan office via Padova


Please click on the full description for full details.

- Learn how to use Secabo cutting plotters: cost 60 €, duration 90 minutes, more details here

- Learn how to use Graphtec cutting plotters: cost € 80, duration 90 minutes, more details here

- Learn to use the Cameo cutting plotter: cost € 30, duration 20 minutes, more details here

- Learn how to use a hot press: cost € 20, duration 20 minutes, more details here

- Learn to print using thermoadhesives for cutting plotters: € 30, duration 30 minutes, more details here

- Learn to print via laser printer transfer: cost € 50, duration 40 minutes, more details here

- Learn to print cups using a vacuum oven and sublimation printing: cost € 40, duration 40 minutes, more details here

- Installation and use of the 5-color Oki printer: usually we include, if possible, installation at the customer of this model and a course of use; otherwise, the price varies depending on the distance of the customer or different agreements. More information here.


You can proceed with the purchase of the course through the addresses previously indicated using the "Add to cart" function and following the instructions, even if you intend to buy it together with your machinery, we will contact you to make an appointment.

Alternatively you can write us by email to info@2stamp.it or via our contact page, requesting an appointment; you will be given all the information to request an appointment.


Technical assistance via email or telephone is always free, always exclusively for our customers. Please contact us on assistenza@2stamp.it or via the contact page.

For more information on technical assistance, see the specific page.


We offer various assistance services depending on the type of machine or product purchased.


For Secabo and Graphtec branded products we offer direct assistance by telephone and via email by one of our specialized technicians.

Physical assistance takes place at the Milan Lambrate site, or, if necessary and possible, at the customer's home, with an additional cost related to the technician's transfer.

It is possible to request, in the event of purchase, the use of these machines. Further information on the page on the courses of use.

For warranty service please visit the relevant page instead.


For products with the Oki brand, except for the five-color versions discussed in the next section, telephone and email assistance is always free.

Physical assistance takes place at the nearest Oki center, which you can find by clicking here.

It is possible to request, in the event of purchase, the use of these machines. Further information on the page on the courses of use.

For warranty assistance, please visit the relevant page in the "Oki product warranty" section instead.


For Oki Pro five-color printers we offer direct telephone and email assistance from one of our specialized technicians.

Physical assistance takes place at the Milan or Turin offices, or, if necessary and possible, at the customer's home by Oki technician.

The printer can be installed at the customer's home, it is normally included in our printer purchase quotes. More information on the course of use of the printer by clicking here.

Instead, for warranty service please visit the relevant page.


For sublimation Sawgrass printers we offer direct assistance via email from the manufacturer itself.

To request assistance with your Sawgrass printer, you must contact them directly via the Sawgrassink website, then click on "Customer support". To receive assistance, the printer must have been registered and you must log in to the site. The assistance responds normally in a short time.

Also on the Sawgrass site there are, in the area reserved for users, several demonstration videos and instructions for use. In any case, we offer courses for sublimation printing, for what is not explained on the Sawgrass site or that is not related to the printer only, for more information you can visit the page on the courses of use.

Regarding the warranty service, we ask you to visit the relevant page instead.


For the Signcut software licenses, assistance is sent via e-mail by the manufacturer.

To request assistance with your license, you must contact them directly via the Signcut website, after logging in to the site. Unfortunately we cannot directly verify the validity of your license, or if it has expired or there are related problems, for this reason we invite you in the case of such problems to contact Signcut directly, whose assistance normally responds in a short time.


For all other products, in particular heat presses, ovens, Refine and Transmax branded cutting plotters, consumables, assistance is offered directly by 2Stamp. Telephone and email assistance is always free.

It is possible to request, in the event of purchase, the use of these machines. These courses are held at our Milan office via Padova, by appointment. Further information on the page on the courses of use.

About Refine plotters, if the problem is related to the Signcut software, please read the previous paragraph.

For warranty service please visit the relevant page instead.



We carry out in-depth checks on all the products we sell, right from their manufacture. Thanks to our continuous testing process, almost all of our machinery is free of defects, the percentage of failures is really very low in the following years.

With regard to less fortunate customers, we propose:

- assistance via e-mail or telephone which allows the customer to resolve most problems upstream, thus avoiding long downtimes

- rapid repairs or replacement of defective products, thanks to a verification protocol that allows to understand and implement solutions to the problem within 48 hours of receipt of the faulty product
- a large warehouse for the most common spare parts

- specialized technicians on the various machines


The warranty coverage on our machinery has a legal term of two years starting from the date of purchase, if made as a private one, or a year if purchased as a company, or with an indication of the VAT number on the invoice. Some Oki branded products may be subject to a three-year extended warranty, as better specified below.

The warranty is valid starting from the date marked on the receipt or on the purchase invoice.

In order for the warranty to be valid, it is necessary to keep the original packaging and the receipt or purchase invoice.

For more information, please read our page on the terms of use in the case of purchase.


The warranty covers:

- factory defects of the product, or attributable to defective parts of the machinery from the moment of its production, for which the product reaches the customer already inoperative

- failures and failures following the first use, due to original defects of components


- parts subject to wear or consumption

- faults related to incorrect use

- damage suffered during shipment, if not covered by insurance

- faults related to machinery modified, repaired or altered in any way without our authorization, or in the case of use of non-original spare parts, in particular non-original toners

- shipping costs, if necessary. In the event that the intervention under warranty is recognized, we will nonetheless carry out the return to your address at our expense.


To request our intervention, please contact us at assistenza@2stamp.it or via the contact page. It will be necessary to return the complete packaging product, a copy of the invoice or purchase receipt and the assistance request form, which can be downloaded by clicking here.


1) the customer informs us of the failure via our email assistenza@2stamp.it, the customer is sent the request form for assistance, which can be downloaded by clicking here, and instructions for returning the product.

2) once received the product, within 48 hours it is verified by one of our technicians. The customer is sent an email confirming receipt of the product and starting the verification

3) the technical verification allows to understand the repair times, which are communicated to the customer. The average waiting time is 5 working days, these times can be shorter in the case of simple and prolonged faults for particular faults for which the spare part is not available.

4) if the warranty period has expired, or if the warranty coverage is not recognized, the customer is informed in time of the relative repair costs

5) once the repair has been carried out, if the guarantee has been recognized, the product is returned. In some cases, not necessarily, we carry out the return of the product at our expense as an apology for the defect presented, or we send free samples.

This possibility refers exclusively to the case in which the machinery was originally purchased from us. We do not carry out, under any circumstances and at any price, repairs on machinery purchased from other companies, this to favor assistance and improve its quality towards our customers.

If the warranty period has expired, or if the warranty coverage is not recognized, we can still carry out equal quality repair payments, the customer is informed by e-mail of the relative costs and repair times, listed in detail. These costs are assessed by our technician, calculating the necessary hours of work at a rate of € 30.00 per hour which cannot be divided and any necessary spare parts.


Some Oki brand printers come with a 3-year warranty starting on the date of purchase. To take advantage of this extended warranty it is necessary to register on the Oki website, according to the instructions supplied with the printer itself. Important: it is always necessary to use Oki original toner and spare parts, otherwise the warranty is automatically void.

In this case it is possible to go directly to an Oki center, delivering the printer complete with a copy of the invoice or purchase receipt and toner.

You can find the nearest Oki center by clicking here.

Important: the printer must be fitted with genuine Oki toner.


Remote private customers, or those who have made the purchase electronically and without a VAT number, have the right to withdraw from the purchase, without giving any reasons, within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day of receipt of the purchased products. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer is obliged to inform us of his decision to withdraw from this contract by an explicit declaration sent by registered mail to the address of our tax office indicated in the withdrawal request form. For the purpose of the withdrawal request, the customer can, at his choice, use the indicated withdrawal form. To comply with the withdrawal deadline, the customer must send the communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the 14-day period valid for withdrawal. Furthermore, the return of the products subject to withdrawal must be made within the same 14-day time limit, at our operational headquarters at the address indicated on the withdrawal request form and at the conditions indicated therein.

By withdrawing from the purchase, the payments relating to the products being returned are refunded, excluding any costs specifically indicated at the time of purchase or as specified in the return form. This reimbursement takes place within 14 days from the moment the withdrawal is physically effected, or from the time of the return to our product warehouse, subject to verification by us within these terms of the status of the returned products and confirmation of applicability of the terms of withdrawal. In the case of non-applicability or partial applicability of the terms, the customer is informed in this regard during the same period of 14 days from the return of the products. The refund is made using the same payment method used by the customer for the initial transaction.

2Stamp reserves the right not to accept shipments of components or products:
- purchased by the company, or with an indication of the VAT number on the invoice, as the possibility of return, according to law, is addressed exclusively to private consumers
- collected by the customer or his intermediary or courier at one of our physical offices
- which the original warranty seals affixed by the manufacturers have been removed
- that do not contain original packaging, accessories and manuals
- which were carried out without having activated the request for assistance to 2Stamp

To request a return of the products, please contact us at assistenza@2stamp.it or via the contact page. It will be necessary to return the complete product with the original packaging, a copy of the invoice or purchase receipt and the return request form, which can also be downloaded by clicking here.


In the case of receiving a shipment with visible damage to the packaging, it is necessary to sign the delivery note "subject to verification". This affixation greatly simplifies the reimbursement request process, as it highlights the defects found from the start.

If the damage is not visible externally, but is verified only when the packaging is opened or the products are used, it is also possible to request a refund, although it is more difficult to prove that the damage occurred at the time of shipment .


1) download and complete the reimbursement request document, which can be downloaded by clicking here

2) collect all the necessary documents listed in it, to prove the damage and quantify its value

3) inform us of this damage by sending the completed document and the other requested documents to our email assistenza@2stamp.it

Without this complete documentation it will not be possible for us to process the refund request. The file will be suspended by the courier, pending the requested documents, until the deadlines set by the laws in force are reached and after this deadline the file will be definitively closed.

2Stamp has no part in the reimbursement decision-making process, nor in the timing of the related procedure, therefore we can only provide the case number to the courier so that we can verify or request the progress.



Compared to the amount requested as reimbursement, as long as it is adequately demonstrable and plausible, deductible amounts can be subtracted, depending on the courier.

If the courier recognizes the damage, the reimbursement takes place in about 6 months. We emphasize that 2Stamp has no part in the decision-making process concerning the reimbursement, nor in the time of the related procedure, therefore we can only provide the case number to the courier so that we can verify or request the progress.


In the case of uninsured shipping, unfortunately the reimbursement amount (if recognized) is evaluated exclusively on the basis of the weight of the packaging and not on its content, however valuable, and usually on figures less than € 1.00 per kilogram .

In such cases 2Stamp, without obligations, always tries to meet the customer in the event that the packaging is not sufficient to protect the product.

ATTENTION: in the case of the purchase of cups, plates or other fragile products, we recommend always requesting the insurance when ordering.


The responsibilities relating to the CE marking are, according to the law, the responsibility of the producer, who must provide the relevant technical documentation if necessary. This documentation certifies the compliance of the products with the European regulations, and can be requested in case of verification by the authority.

It is therefore essential that all the machines present at your laboratory or retail outlet comply with these regulations, otherwise you will be fined!

We provide, with our machinery, printed confirmation of correspondence and / or a copy of these certifications, which are normally sufficient to remove any doubt from the verifier.

Further explanations on the CE marking on the following institutional site:


Below we list the specific directives our machines respond to.


The European legislation provides for the compliance of certain machines put on the market, including some of those proposed by us, to the so-called MD Directive 2006/42 / EC (which replaces 98/37 / EC), for the purposes of safety in the use of such machinery by the user. In particular, the correspondence relates to the EN 61000-6-3: 2007 + A1: 2011 standards; EN 61000-3-2: 2014; EN 61000-3-3: 2013

Further information on the following institutional website:



In addition to this, European legislation provides for these machines to comply with certain characteristics of electromagnetic dispersions, so that the use of such machines cannot cause damage. In this case, correspondence takes place against the so-called EMC Directive 2004/108 / EC, relating to the standards EN 60335-2-45: 2002 + A1: 2008 + A2: 2012 and EN 60335-1-2012

Further information on the following institutional website:



It is foreseen that the same machines, except for some exceptions which will be explained in the next line, are equipped with earthing to avoid accidental electric shocks in case of malfunction, or with "Class 1" insulation. In this case, the CEI reference standard is EN 60335-1

In cases where this earthing is not present, this means that the machine is equipped with "Class 2" insulation.

Information to the public at the following address: