We are aware of the fact that, thanks to our very competitive prices, our products can also be interesting for customers who are far from our headquarters in Italy. In particular, we receive many requests regarding heat presses, Oki printers, Epson sublimation plotters, cutting plotters and large format printing machinery. We have developed several solutions with the aim of satisfying our customers around the world.



By entering your VAT number, if you are registered with the Intrastat service for intra-European trade, the price of the products will automatically be reduced by the Italian VAT of 22%. You can verify the registration of your VAT number at the following address:

An invoice is always issued. The shipping cost is automatically calculated by our site, depending on the weight of the goods.



In this case the list price visible on the site is applied. Even if your VAT number is not registered with the Intrastat service (you can check this at the following address, the Italian VAT is applied. A specific invoice is always issued. The shipping cost is automatically calculated by our site, depending on the weight of the goods.



We can manage exports outside the European Union of any of our products, in this case our prices are discounted by Italian VAT (22%). We sell printing machinery in Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Congo, Kenya), Asia (especially Turkey, but also Iran, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan) and South America (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) and many others.

The cost of shipping for certain countries is calculated only on a quote, it is not possible to purchase the products directly from our website but only via email, so we invite you to contact us on indicating the destination address of the goods, and the products you are interested in. Export costs do not include local taxes from customs.

Please note: our heat presses comes with global warranty, this means that in case of problems we will directly send the spare parts.



In our offers we are used to consider DPU shipment from our factory to your nearest port, in case you have your own forwarder for custom clearance and delivery. If needed, we can both quote EXW (without shipping costs, withdrawal from your forwarder from our factory), FOB (withdrawal from your forwarder to loading port) or DAP (you'll just have to take care of custom clearance, but will take care of the delivery to your warehouse).



We are looking for resellers of our products all over the world. We have a specific price list, with discounted prices for many of our products Contact us via email to be registered on our website as a 2Stamp reseller, you will be able to see the discounted prices directly on our site.

We believe we offer the best prices on the market, therefore further discounts are not possible in the case of the purchase of a single printing machine, or consumables in limited quantities).