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Single oven for DTF printing
  • Single oven for DTF printing
  • Single oven for DTF printing

Single oven for DTF printing

VAT included

Specific oven for baking sheets for DTF printing and powder, A3 format



WARRANTY 2 years for private buyers and 1 year for companies. 3 year extension available


DELIVERY Within 48 hours throughout Europe. Insurance available


WITHDRAWAL By appointment in our 2Stamp shop in Milan

Specific oven for baking transfer sheets for DTF printing, equipped with a heating membrane on the underside to bake one sheet at a time. A3 format.

Adjustable temperature, front door that can be opened for inserting sheets. This model reaches working temperature very quickly.

After printing with the DTF printer and dusting of the DTF powder, with the oven at temperature, 3 minutes of cooking at 150 degrees are sufficient for the print to be ready.

Shipping in all Europe.


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