Heat press 38x38 cm - Automatic opening Expand

Heat press 38x38 cm - Automatic opening

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Automatic opening, in favor of productivity

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Flat heat press with AUTOMATIC opening, with plates measuring 38 x 38 cm.

The top plate is heated by an 1,800 watt coil resistance. The automatic opening allows greater quantities of processing since the user can prepare the next processing while the press autonomously finishes the previous one, without the risk of burning the fabric.

The lower plate, on the other hand, is sliding, allowing for greater convenience in positioning the fabrics, without the risk of scalding yourself with the heating plate.

Differences from the TransMax model:

- this version has a sliding lower plate, unlike the Transmax version (which has a fixed plate)

- different linkage (which in the Transmax version is longer, thus allowing a higher transfer pressure with less effort for the user)

- different finishes (the Transmax version has a more complete display, although both versions indicate both temperature and timer)

- the lower cost

Technical features:

The temperature can be adjusted according to the processing to be carried out via the digital display; a relay will trip automatically when the set temperature is reached, signaling it with a red LED.

The pressure is adjustable via the central knob, a system that allows greater precision and perfect uniformity of the force, also thanks to the particular lever system for closing, so as to
being able to work both light fabrics and thicker materials such as sweatshirts or polyester jackets in the best possible way.

This automatic heat press is equipped with an adjustable timer that will automatically open the top plate after the set time has elapsed.

It allows you to successfully work any type of fabric, especially cotton, polyester and nylon, as well as any flat material, such as glass plates, aluminum, tiles, etc.

Perfect model for applying writings and logos on T-shirts and sweatshirts; allows you to process materials such as flex and flock thermoadhesive films, sheets for sublimation inks, printable thermoadhesive sheets for laser or inkjet printers.

Included in the package: silicone mousse for the bottom plate, power cable with domestic plug, user manual with suggestions for printing with various materials.

Simple, reliable press with a very high quality/price ratio