Economic complete kit for t-shirt printing Expand

Economic complete kit for t-shirt printing

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38x38 cm high pressure heat press + A4 transfer printer + 30 cm cutting plotter + all accessories for printing

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Kit consisting of:

- high pressure heat press, flat and with automatic opening, with plates measuring 38 x 38 cm, Transmax brand of the highest quality

- cutting plotter, 30 cm wide, to carve the thermo adhesive material to create the desired designs and writings; PC and MAC program included in the package

- transfer laser printer, A4 format with standard toner (without white toner)

- 10 self-weeding sheets for printing light fabrics, A4 format

- 10 self-weeding sheets for printing dark fabrics, A4 format

- 10 thermo-adhesive sheets for cutting plotter for printing dark fabrics, A4 format

- thermoadhesive carving films, set of various colors to carry out some printing tests, for a value of approximately € 30. They can be purchased separately in larger quantities

- trial set of printable T-shirts, worth around € 20