3D cell phone cover printing machinery Expand

Professional kit for 3D cell phone cover printing

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A3 vacuum oven + A3 sublimation printer + accessories for printing t-shirts, covers, objects and mugs

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Pack content

Kit consisting of:

- vacuum oven, A3 format automatic model, equipped with an upper A3 compartment for printing covers (up to 4 simultaneously) and other objects, and a lower compartment for printing mugs (up to 12 simultaneously), with automatic closing and shelf for t-shirt printing

- Sawgrass printer, A3 format, complete with Sawgrass Gel sublimation inks and "Virtuoso Studio" software for color correction, for maximum print quality

- pack of 100 A3 format sheets for sublimation printing

- jig for vacuum printing for iPhone 5, many models available

- 20 printable covers for iPhone 5. They can be purchased separately in larger quantities, many models available

- mug tensioner; printable mugs are also available

- scotch roll for high temperatures

- 10 polyester shirts printable by sublimation