Replacement element for mug press

Replacement heating element for mug press

VAT included

Heating plate for "Standard" mug heat press

Size heating mat for mugs : 6 oz
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WARRANTY 2 years for private buyers and 1 year for companies. 3 year extension available


DELIVERY Within 48 hours throughout Europe. Insurance available


WITHDRAWAL By appointment in our 2Stamp shop in Milan

Replacement heating element for the standard model mug heat press with manual opening.

Available sizes:

- 3 oz for coffee cups, minimum diameter 4.8 cm, height 8.5 cm

- 6 oz for tea cups, minimum diameter 6.5 cm, height 11.5 cm, circumference 20.8 cm

- 11 oz for standard mugs, minimum diameter 7 cm, height 12 cm, circumference 23.5 cm

- 15 oz for large cylindrical mugs, minimum diameter 7.5 cm, height 15 cm, circumference 23.5 cm

- for water bottles, minimum diameter 6.8 cm, height 15 cm, circumference 20.8 cm

- 12 oz for medium conical mugs, minimum diameter 5 at the base and 8 at the top cm, height 11.5 cm, circumference 14.5 cm at the base and 21 at the top

- 17 oz for large conical mugs, minimum diameter 5.2 at the base and 8.3 cm at the top, height 16 cm, circumference 17 cm at the base and 24 at the top

ATTENTION: does not fit the basic mug heat press 


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